What is Music From Chaos?

This is an experimental project created by the artist k-ant.

This experience tries to show chaos can be a valid source of creativity for current Art, because in Art everything seems to have a place, an infinite number of creations flood the market, why would it not have in this space a place seemingly chaotic creations?.

For this purpose I have created the tool "Image To Midi Converter" that will allow you to convert images or your visual works into music.
In addition to the midi file, another txt document is generated with decoded words from the image you have transformed into music.

Why?.. maybe the right question is Why not?.

This tool explore unsuspected results and data mix between apparently disconnected media, which through this experience are related in an unusual way.

Other questions arise from this experience, is it possible that the artistic market is already being flooded by automatic creations made by computer applications and robots and sold as author's works?.

But I think these works from chaos are interesting because you could think no music or artistic creation may come from there, but it is possible, like maybe the market is currently flooded by all kinds of works, all equally valid, the only thing that differentiates them from each other is that someone has convinced you that they should be important to you.

Chaos produces works unlimited, like us, like a virus, so what is the difference?, why is the work that you, me, or anyone else can do better than the works that are already done by a machine or computer programs from chaos?.

Maybe we compete against robots, programs and machines because we have always been thinking like machines.

This is a surprising, atypical experience, beyond the logic that explores the limits of the artistic, from chaos, from which only human sensitivity can extract some kind of meaning.

k-ant !!..